Friday, February 12, 2010

Sakura Sencha Time Again

So Den's Tea has reminded me again that it is Sakura Sencha time again. Sadly my tea budget is down to nil at the moment so i dug my leftovers out of the freezer from last spring to try and enjoy for this season.

While it wasn't as robust as i remember, I think that was the fault of the cold that has been plaguing me recently and not the tea itself. Still it was pleasant, filling my kyusu with a fragrant aroma and making me wish it was a bit warmer out. As it is we are supposed to have snow here tonight! I'm quite excited.

Sakura Sencha coming out is a reminder that the 100 nights sencha will be coming out shortly, and then after that all of the new teas! ah the glories of spring! how it coincides nicely with valentines day!

Sadly it seems like I won't be around the blog much as the semester heats up and threatens to explode and take over not only my free time, but also my time to sleep.

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