Monday, January 25, 2010

1500 Visitors!

So as I sit here procrastinating, I do have several books in my "need to read or will have no idea what is going on in class" pile, I just noticed that I've had over 1,500 Visitors to my blog! Kinda exciting isn't it?!

The majority have come from the United states ( i'm only missing 6 states!) Although I seem to also be popular in Russia, Brazil, and the UK as well. Seeing as I've only been writing for a year, and a goodly portion of that year I was AFK in grad-school chaos I think that 1500 is a very solid number.

So Thank You lurkers, casual and committed readers, and people who have no idea how they ended up here!

Enjoying some Thai Chai from adagio tonight, review to come soon.

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