Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sick Leave

So you might have been wondering about the lack of posts recently. I've been down with the Strep-Throat for the past few days. Since this interferes with my ability to taste anything i've decided not to do any tastings this week :<

I have yet to get any sort of response to my 'tea carnage' letters that i emailed to the company, customs, and DHL. but it's fine, since at least it made me feel better :3

There was a comment where some person said that they liked my keyboard i believe... :D i like it too! although it needs to be re-painted. I painted it almost 2 years ago i believe. I used the type of craft paint used on model cars and the like. First i sanded the keys lightly, then i applied 2 coats of paint before lettering and sealing it. bur i failed to get the best sealant and the keys that i used the most, letters, space, and ctrl. are very worn off. i also painted my mouse to match my keyboard :D

so instead of tea today you get to see my lovely keyboard in it's former glory :3 i took each key off and set it ona piece of paper labeled with it's original location so i wouldn't get the keys mixed up. So the Q key is still Q etc :3

I'd also like to celebrate that my blog has now had visitors from 20 other countries (not including the US) yay~!!

We've also had visitors from 25 of the 50 states!

I've been tracking these things on Google Analytics since late last month, but still find it interesting to see where people come from who view my site and how they get here! For example people searched for the history of the chinese new year and found out about some tea as well!

While this program is probably more detailed than i will ever use, i do find it useful for tracking my pageviews and such :3 it's also interesting to see where all ya'll are from!

anyways back to bed with me, and hopefully i'll get better soon so i can review some tea for ya'll :3


  1. Awesome keyboard!!!!

    That sucks about your last shipment of tea. That is the first time I have heard about anything like that happening. :(

  2. Woah Erica! You have TWICE the countries and ELEVEN more states than the cheese blog :) Congratulations milady! I hope you recover soon and go back to enjoying delicious tea ASAP.


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