Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lament of the Leaves

I always look forward to packages arriving. I almost always get them with tracking so i can watch over them from my computer, urging them to arrive faster and somehow thinking that i have so effect on them.

I had seen that TeaCuppa had a promotion with $5 off an order if placed in Jan. so i placed an order with them, and excitedly awaited the arrival of some new Oolongs. After a rather intense myth exam i took a nap, and woke up to find that my tea had been delivered! there was much rejoicing. I skipped down to the mail room, attracting many looks of amusement. I received the package and hopped back to my to my room, and using my scissors carefully cut the large bubble envelope. peeking in i saw the first thing that set my alarm bells ringing.

there was tea on the inside envelope. i flipped the package over, "inspected by customs" tape. i took out the second envelope, finding it slashed open, revealing the padded envelope inside. there was loose tea falling out of the package. i was not a happy camper. i took out the third padded envelope to find my tea inside of this one. Two of my 50g packages had been slashed open, presumably when they opened it to make sure it wasn't some sort of drug delivery apparently. while i do not have a scale, over 2 tablespoons of rolled oolong was lost in this brutal attack upon my post. I was, and still am rather distraught over this.

While i will be writing letters to teacuppa, customs, and DHL to alert them to this destruction and loss of property that they have had a part in i felt the need to also express my grief over the loss of good oolong.

The pictures that follow might not be appropriate for tea lovers. The grusome scene that they hold are almost too much.


  1. That's a sad story, but I like your keyboard.

  2. While it is lamentable what happened to your tea, I'm not really sure that complaining to Teacuppa has any merit. I would say that customs is really to blame for the handling of it, and maybe to some extent DHL. I'm not really sure what DHL's role is in customs inspections, but mostly I would think it is customs doing.

  3. I hope you don't get anymore "Tea Carnage" tags. :(

    Oh, the agony! The horror...the horror!

  4. That is a gruesome scene indeed. I'd be heartbroken if I lost good oolong like that.

  5. Sacriligious. Do those custom people have no respect? Unfortunately, I have to agree with Eric. This is a problem that we are probably going to see happen more and more with customs. Have had the experience myself. There is not much to do about. I suppose that if it does become a regularly occurring problem, we tea vendors may just have to pack our teas in metal packages that can't be slashed. It's always a tragedy to lose good tea.

    Hope you did well on your math exam.


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