Thursday, July 9, 2009

No tea for 2 months?!

A recent comment on my last entry has reminded me that i do have things to do on the computer other than check my email, haha~ so where have i been, why haven't i updated in a few months?

In the middle of May I graduated from College! and then promptly moved home, visited my graduate school to hunt for apartments, and got prodded and poked by various doctors to update my medical history before heading off to Alabama to intern.

I was in Alabama most of June, and sadly internet-less everywhere i stayed. Many nights i would sit in a local coffee house to steal some wifi or would head over to the library. If nothing else i learned that internet is a big part of how i stay connected!

I finally returned home near the end of June and although the internet here has a mind of it's own i have been slowly getting back into doing everything i used to do. Buying a Wii although has rather drained my time and i find it addicting in all the right ways! Now that my roommate and I have finally settled on an apartment and filled out all the paperwork for it, i have less worries and can shift some time around to finally get in a few tea-things.

That said i've not ordered any new tea and while there has been the few instances of me rummaging through my boxes of college things to find a tea that i had a craving for, i've mostly been stuck with lipton, and fast food tea. Which has led me to actually find most fast-food teas drinkable. I've also found that Atlanta has very few loose tea stores. Which is rather sad.

I'm hoping that once i finally settle into my new apartment I will be able to then focus on actually getting all my tea together and then hopefully finding some new teas. I'll also be closer to the Only American Tea Plantation, which i hope to visit sometime soon.

So to finally answer the question from Jason. I do love green teas! and more specifically japanese greens. However due to a variety of things, mostly a lack of funds to buy and ship tea, and the timing to have fresh tea. I just haven't gotten around to reviewing many Japanese Greens. I have reviewed the very tasty and sadly seasonal Sakura Sencha from Den's as well as their Genmaicha and Bancha. All very tasty teas that i always try to keep on the shelf. I have researched getting into Matcha, but unless i save my tea budget for a few months i'm afraid that i'll not get into it anytime soon. I was planning on staying in the know about this past spring's new Senchas but i decided to wait for reviews from others since my tea budget is rather small. This pause caused me to get off track most of the summer. Finally i haven't really focused a lot on greens, despite my love for them, because there a lot of other people that have focused on greens. I like to try teas of a variety of styles because there are some great gems out there that might not be the typical loose leaf but are delicious none-the-less! Hopefully when I have something that resembles a real job i'll be able to try more teas. I hope that you and the rest of my 'viewers' stay tuned for that :)

I might not post as often as i should this month but I hope to start posting more regularly in August! I hope that everyone else out there is having a great summer!


  1. Hello there,

    First of all, I wanna apologize for contacting you via comment. I tried to look for an e-mail address to reach you with but I couldn't find one. Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you on the blog—it’s proved not only to be an interesting and engaging read for tea aficionados and food enthusiasts alike, but a reliable source of information as well. It’s always exciting to come upon people so passionate about something that they can’t help but share it to the world.

    And seeing as how one of your passions is tea, I just wanted to make sure you knew about our upcoming tea exhibition here at UCLA’s Fowler Museum, aptly named Steeped In History: The Art of Tea. The exhibition will be on display from August 16 to November 29, 2009 and will feature everything related to tea—oil paintings, prints, photographs, ceramics, as well as other tea-serving paraphernalia, all gathered from around the world. And the best part aside from everything I’ve mentioned? Tea will be served! I’ve attached the official press release for the event and I’m hoping you’ll be able attend the exhibit and see everything for yourself (

    We at the Fowler would also be more than grateful if you can forward this information to family and friends that might be interested in viewing the exhibition, or perhaps discuss this upcoming event in your blog/site for all of your tea-loving readers to see. I’m sure they’ll be very interested and thankful for the information you’d be able to provide regarding this.

    Best of luck in your site, and may everything go tea-rrificly!

    Beatrice Eyales
    UCLA Fowler Museum, Marketing and Communications Dept.

    Fowler Museum at UCLA
    Box 951549
    LA CA 90095-1549

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  2. I don't think it's too bad that you've grown a bit accustomed to the "fast food" teas. Everyone can use a way to temper their tea snobbery. And I have heard about certain brands of tea sold in bags that are reputed to be pretty good. I plan to try these myself and see nothing wrong with it for anyone else. Of course I'll still always prefer loose leaf tea though. --Jason

  3. Nice post Erica! I haven't even logged in to see my cheese blog stats since I stopped so abruptly. I hope moving into the new place works out for you, and I'll be talking to you soon!


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