Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Step 1: Admitting you have a problem...

After a rather normal winter break, i returned to college, unpacked, re-organized my belongings and stared in wonder.

I had entirely too much tea.

Boxes, bags, envelopes, and canisters of tea. While most was old, leftovers that i dug out of my desk and brought back to my room after work last semester, much of it was also new. Over the break i had found a chain loose-tea store called Teavana. I then proceeded to blow a sizable amount on loose tea (their prices are for each 2oz, which is the smallest amount you can buy)

While i was sure at the time of purchase that i would positively be able to use everything that i bought (a full pound of tea combined) after looking over what i already i had i was a bit worried. So I decided that each day i would strive to have at least one cup of tea each day. While doing so i figured why not post up some info about the teas i have, tea in general, and maybe even how i deal with my addiction to buying, and drinking tea.

Spurred on by a good friend's blog about cheese, i hope that we can encourage each other on to post at least once a week :) While i am no expert tea taster, i will do my best to fully explain each tea. Hopefully it will help me to keep better track of my tea, tea purchases, and tea intake.

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  1. Hey!! I just noticed you had a blog all of your own! Coincidentally, I just went to Teavana this weekend. That store is so, so tempting. I am running low on tea in the office and at home right now. I will be reading with great interest! My current favorite bagged tea is Trader Joe's Jasmine (Rolled Pearls). Mmmm...

    Thanks for the shoutout, too! Tea and cheese, what a pair :)


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